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CALL US ABOUT FREE LOCAL DELIVERY!!!!! Happy Chick Farm runs a flock of heritage breed chickens. We started raising chickens as a hobby and sharing our eggs with friends and family but the demand for our eggs was so great that we started raising more chickens. Now that we have retired, we are making a go of selling our beautiful, tasty eggs. At the farm, we have a self serve fridge that is open 24/7 for you to purchase our eggs. Please call or email us anytime about our eggs and we will deliver eggs locally.

In the last year we have had many inquiries about purchasing laying hens. As a result, we have started selling young laying hens (3-6 months old) to our customers. Many folks want hens but not the hassle of raising chicks in the brooder. They are $15.00 each and we carry several heritage breeds. We raise several flocks a year. Call or email us for breed types and when the birds are available.

Also this year we have Broad Breasted Bronze Turkeys for your flock or table in time for thanksgiving. Free ranging on pasture, no antibiotic feed, and extra fruits and veggies from are garden. These beautiful birds are sold live only at $40.00 each.


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Happy Chick Farm is a small farm owned and operated by my husband Gene and I. We keep heritage cage free, free range chickens that provide us with beautiful farm fresh eggs. Our chickens live out their entire lives on our farm and we are a "no kill" farm. The difference in a fresh egg versus a store bought egg is amazing. The yolks of a fresh egg are bright yellow and the taste is to die for. They vastly improve the quality of your baked goods as well.

Schedule and Location:

The season is year round and the self serve fridge is available 24/7. Payment is on an honor system basis.
Laying hens are generally available March through September.

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I have purchased eggs from Happy Chick Farm for over a year and they have been consistently fresh and beautiful eggs. Tina is a wonderful person, always helpful, answers questions I may have about chickens, egg production and she will deliver to my door!!! With the holiday season coming, I will be buying several dozen a week as you can't beat the quality AND PRICE of her free range, farm fresh eggs. From a very happy customer.

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