We are a grass based dairy farm located in southern Greenville, SC county. We milk Holsteins, and have been in the dairying business for 29 years, and have been processing our whole milk since 2002. We have not used chemicals or chemical fertilizers in over 17 years, we use no, rBGH, and our cows graze 12 months. Our milk is special because we low temp pasteruize the milk, and we do NOT homogenize the milk, therefore the cream is still in the milk. We process whole milk, buttermilk, and chocolate milk. We have a small store on our farm, open from 9:00 - 7:00 M - F and open til 5:00 on Saturdays.Our store also has many other items, including some SC grown products, and local seasonal produce.

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We are a grass-based dairy, using no chemicals or chemical fertilizers in over 17 years. We use sustainable farming practices, tending the soil, water, and our animals properly. Cow health is more important to us that production, so we provide shade and water in all grazing pastures. We really do have "happy cows". We offer whole milk, chocolate milk, and buttermilk at our on farm store.

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Everything I have tried here is the best I've had...my family completely agrees from the cottage cheese, cream cheese..any cheese to the heavenly milk.... [more]

Sure, the milk and buttermilk are wonderful, but the chocolate milk is to die for! The whole family enjoys it most of all. We buy a gallon of chocolate milk and it is finished off in a day.... [more]

Tom Trantham and gang are to be applauded for returning dairy to its truest form--cows happily grazing lush pasture year-round, producing the best milk, butter and such available.... [more]

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