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We are a small farm specializing in several breeds of dairy goat (LaMancha, Alpine, Nigerian Dwarf, and mini LaMancha) and heritage breed chickens and ducks. We raise all our animals on pasture, supplemented with hay, sprouted wheat, lentils, and sunflower seeds, and a minimal amount of grain. Our animals are not fed medications unless necessary and are treated humanely and with love and respect. We do vaccinate the goats against a few common and fatal diseases to protect their lives, and manage internal parasites as needed. We believe that happy, healthy animals make the best food products.

Our goats are bred for milk and show. They are all ADGA registered. We offer kids for sale as well as stud service, and we will also be offering AI service and rental space in our storage tank as well in the near future. We have raw milk, cream, and cheeses available via herdshare, and also make and sell a line of soaps, lotions, lip balms, and various other bath products, as well as handmade candles and an assortment of handmade quilts and crafts, as well as handmade goat milk fudge and caramel.

We offer eggs by the dozen from our pastured chicken flock, as well as chicks, ducklings, and fertile eggs. We are in the process of building a hatchery to raise and sell a number of rare heritage breeds of chicken.

We raise an organic garden and save our own seeds. We offer extra seeds for sale to the public from many unusual and heirloom varieties of plants, specializing in tomatoes. In the spring we also sell a limited number of started plants. A small amount of extra produce and herbs are available for sale as well during the growing season.

Farm tours can be arranged by appointment.


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