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Happyhens is a small farm in tornado, WV near st. Albans, we provide farm fresh eggs to our area. we take great care to provide a quality product to our customers. We also provide fertilized eggs for hatching. Our three children are very involved in this process, from gathering eggs, feeding and raising our flock. We hatch our own hens, so we know their history. Our eggs can be purchased at Fas Check in St. Albans and also at D&I Carryout on Coal River Road. Fertilized Eggs for hatching are available now and we also have baby chicks for sale.

Listing last updated on Feb 17, 2012

Farm fresh ( free range/grain fed) brown eggs, fertilized hatching eggs. hatching naturally raised chicks for laying flocks or breeder stock.

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farm fresh eggs
quality fertilized hatching eggs
naturally raised laying and breeding chicks

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The chicks are top quality layers and the farm fresh eggs are AWESOME

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i love this time of year!


i love this time of year, our baby chicks are hatching, our girls are producing a surprising amount of eggs for this time of year.

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