Happy Hooves Organic Farm

At Happy Hooves Organic Farm we raise a variety of livestock for meat to sell directly to you including organic 100% Grass Fed & Grass Finished Beef, Humanely Raised on Pasture by Mama Cows "Rose Veal", Pastured Pork, Farm Raised Venison, Truly Free Range Turkey, Truly Free Range Chicken, and Truly Free Range Eggs, all fed NO SOY as of 2012. (Our free range is Truly Free Range, they actually spend their days outside on pasture roaming around).

Organic veggies available as they ripen throughout the season. We are certified Organic by Global Organic Alliance (GOA). Most of our feed is grown right here and is of course certified organic and what we don't grow here comes from a small local organic feed mill or our organic neighbors fields. As a matter of fact we do everything organic here and keep our animals out in the fresh air and sunshine to keep it simple. There's no confusion that way and it makes it easier on us! And as of 2012 we are raising our livestock SOY FREE.

We use sustainable farming practices to minimize outside inputs to our farm and also to limit waste to zero.

We raise our animals on pasture in the fresh air and sunshine to keep them happy so we can offer free range meats and eggs with all the healthy benefits and excellent taste and texture that brings. The meat is better that way, and it sure beats cleaning a barn all the time!

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Listing last updated on May 9, 2013

At Happy Hooves Organic Farm we raise CERTIFIED ORGANIC 100%GRASS FED BEEF and HUMANELY RAISED BY MAMA COWS 'ROSE VEAL', PASTURED PORK, TRULY FREE RANGE CHICKENS and EGGS, TRULY FREE RANGE TURKEYS and FARM RAISED VENISON, all is fed NO SOY as of 2012. All our meat is sold in directly to consumers. You can buy beef, pork, veal and venison by the side, beef additionally in split quarters. Chickens can be purchased whole. Turkeys will be sold fresh at Thanksgiving.

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The chicken, beef and pork are all very good--good taste, good packaging, etc. the prices are good too. Best organic meat we have had in western/central New York.

We have purchased their organic grass fed beef twice now and I can't keep it in the freezer everyone loves the taste of it. I love buying directly from the farmers!

The organic beef is wonderful, and the price is fair, too. I appreciate being able to buy right from the farm. We love the way it is wrapped. I look forward to buying from them again.

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