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Happy Valley Organics is a small farm that specializes in producing gourmet and unusual fruits vegetables and herbs. Our annual garden usually includes a nice variety of red and orange slicing tomatoes as well as Black Plum tomatoes that we dry for year-round enjoyment. We are constantly adding new and exciting fruits to our farm as we find them available (like the Ellison's Orange Apple - found it in another country and had a friend actually EAT the apple in England and said it was "OMG GOOD", but couldn't buy it until 3 years later when a nursery in the states finally sold some!). This year we added "Grape" Kiwis (the non-fuzzy type that can be eaten whole - skin and all!), cranberries, Rabbiteye and Southern Blueberries, and purple asparagus to the crps we already have. What do we have? Good question! Over 20 varieties of apples, 2 types of figs, 7 types of plums, 5 types of peaches (including the Saturn & Bagel), 7 types of Asian pears, European pears, Jujubes, Quince, Chestnuts, Japanese Heartnuts, Shellbark Hickory, pomegrantes, persimmons (including Coffee Cake), apricots, almonds, pecans, pistachios, 11types of wine & table grapes, Boysenberries, Loganberries, Orus 8 Gooseberries, Fall Gold Raspberries, Triple Crown Blackberries, various herbs (for Thai, Asian and Italian cooking). In our "spare time" we raise koi (our Beni Kikokuru was bred this year and we are anxiously awaiting the fry) and Channel Catfish. Oh, and did I mention the free range chickens? Come check us out!


Listing last updated on Apr 10, 2007

Happy Valley Organics specializes in Gourmet and Unusual Produce from around the world. We also breed some of the hard to find standard breeds of chickens, like the Blue Laced Red Wyandottes, Gold Laced and Silver Laced Cochins, Blue Cochins, and more! And our eggs are fresh daily. We gladly schedule appoinments, so come on out! We are located a "stone's throw" from Redding.

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