Harmony Ridge Farm

Harmony Ridge Farm is a small start-up farm with chickens, goats, goat milk and goat milk soap. God has given us a desire is to provide nutritious wholesome food to our own family through supplying the healthiest feed and quality care to our animals. Nutritious meaning as much as possible certified organic feed, seedling plants for the garden, no GMO and no pesticides. We currently have 16 chickens (giving us white, brown, red and greenish eggs. They run on approx. 1/4 acre. I do supplement them with an organic grain. We purchased two Nubian does in June of 2010. I purchased from a family who has the same practices I desire. That is the mother nurses the kids from birth and their feed contains no GMO nor soy, corn or wheat. They pasture on 1/4 acre and I supplement with oats, barley, sunflower seeds, vegetables and alfalfa. The does produce delicious goat milk. I also make goat milk soap, bath salts and make gift baskets. I currently have two varieties of goat milk soap with four more coming soon.


Listing last updated on Mar 14, 2011

Harmony Ridge Farm providing * Farm Fresh Eggs * Raw goat Milk * Goat Milk Soap* *Nubian Kids*

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