Hi! My 15 year old son, Nic, and I run our farm as a family farm. We raise birds for both eggs and meat. I started the farm because I wanted to know what I was eating and the best way to do that is to raised your own. I started with birds because as a city kid from Detroit, I was pretty ignorant about the ways of agriculture. So I read and talked to animal husbandryists and visited farms. I have either designed and built or moved (recycle!) All of my buildings.

I started with a handful of White Jersey Giants and Buff Orpingtons. The business has grown over the years and what started out as food for myself has morphed to a larger operation being able to provide to others who feel the way I do about great, healthy, flavorful food.

We try to do the right stuff and eliminate the wrong stuff. Our birds are outside from as soon as they have enough feathers eating bugs and slugs and we even make soil from their manure. I have been told by an authority in the field that I do indeed practice permaculture.

Our birds only drink organic well wanted straight from the ground, we home school them, and fluff their feathers. We don't use growth hormones nor antibiotics. People tell us regularly that it is the best meat they have ever had! We hope you will give us a try and I'm sure you'll agree that our birds are the best! Thanks, John and Nic Harnois


Listing last updated on Dec 27, 2012

Schedule and Location:

The Ann Arbor Farmer's Market located downtown Ann Arbor MI on wednesdays in the summer and fall, and saturdays year round. The Westside Farmer's Market on the west side of Ann Arbor which runs from May through September on Thursday evenings.

Schedule and Location:

Call before coming out.

I wholesale: chicken, turkey, duck, goose, chicken eggs, and duck eggs.

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