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we operate a family owned farm in Parkman . we are the forth generation of sheep farmers after the farm sat idle for 40 years. We have raise beef critters, chickens geese and swine. In 2003 we decided to go into specific heritage breeds that we thought could use a comeback . we started with Katahdin Sheep as they originated in our county of Piscataquis in the early 60's. we now have a flock of 60 and counting. we sell sheep year round either lamb by the pound , or we also have a nice selection of ewes, rams and yearling ewes.our lamb sells for $5. a # this is by the whole or half. all cry-vac packed and frozen. we also can customize your lamb package . the average lamb runs around 30 to 35# and comes as 2 boneless legs, around 2 packages of lamb chops with 4 in each package, 2 packs of ground lamb and some stew meat. We sell USDA inspected seperate lamb pieces at various farmers markets . , Ellsworth Farmers Market from May 31-October31 . also in Winter Harbor Farmers Market from June 23 until September 8. we sell Irish Dexter cattle also and will have some beef available in the spring markets. Winter Months we sell meat at the Unity Community Center on the last 2 Saturdays of the month throughout the winter. our animals are free-range and grass-fed, raised in fresh air and sunshine and humanely processed at our local USDA butcher shop Herring Bros. .


Listing last updated on May 10, 2011

We sell free-range Katahdin Sheep and Lamb on our family owned farm. we also sell Irish Dexter cattle . Our prices for ewes are $ 200each, the Rams are $150. We have a great selection of colors from pure white to Barbados browns and some red and spotted sheep. great producers of mild lamb and really good mamas.Katahdins breed year round so we always have lamb available. orders recieved will be processed ans available within 2 weeks

Schedule and Location:

European farmers market in Bangor from nov-may
Ellsworth Farmers Market May 31- October31
Saturday 9-12

Winter Harbor Farmers Market June 22-Sept. 8
Tuesday 9-12
Dexter Farmers Mkt. Friday 9am-12

Schedule and Location:

across the road from the farm anytime the sign is up

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Harrington Farm's lamb is delicious. It is unlike any other lamb I have tasted before. My customers love the lamb dish that I prepare using the meat. I hope you will pick some up from their farm.

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