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For now I currently make jewelry while my husband works in welding. We are trying to recover financially so that we may have another farm some day. We operated from 2005-2007 when we lost our farm because of the inability to get any farm loans.

We were a family owned & operated small farm that raised our livestock in a humane, natural and sustainable manner and plan to do so again in the future.

We had Spotted, Duroc, Chester White & Crossbred hogs. We had 11 Breeds of chickens (Buff Orpington, White & Barred Rock, Ameraucana, Black Jersey Giant and Cornish X Rock) and turkeys (Standard Bronze, Bourbon Red, Blue Slate, Royal Palm, Large White), all of which are on the ALBC's Conservation List. We also had Black Angus X cattle.

We will first get pigs again. They are great farm pets. Then a couple of dairy & beef cows. But, I am most looking forward to being able to get Cashmere goats & Finnsheep -- both of them for fiber & food.

Listing last updated on Mar 4, 2009

When we are able to return to farming, we will again try to use predominately heritage & rare breeds and use Sustainable Agriculture methods. This includes pasture, natural feeds, love, attention, independence from fossil fuels, and NOT chemicals, pesticides, artificial hormones, growth stimulants, sub-therapeutic antibiotics, or medicated feed.

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Schedule and Location:

Poynette Farmers' Market
May 9 - September 26, 2009
8am - 11am
Individual Craft Shows as added to my event Calendar on Local Harvest and on my website www.HarrisFamilyFarms.com

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