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Hello everybody, thank you for looking at our farm raised items. We have been around since 2008 when me and my wife wanted to start raising some chicken eggs, then we moved to turkeys. Since then our customer base has been very supportive of our thoughts and techniques for raising healthy live stock. We don't feed them any kind of chemicals or any hormone based food. They live a very full and happy life of free range, plenty to eat and fresh water (not stuff from the city smells bad) if we don't drink it why should they. Our motto is grown with love not chemicals.

We raise free range heritage turkeys, bourbon red, Narragansett, Black Spanish, Royal Palm, Bronze and Broad Breasted White and Bronze. These turkeys are from an era gone by, before the big producers genetically altered these wonderful birds for more meat than taste. This was how it was done in the backyards and farms across America before the mass produced turkeys came along. We are a small operation with a big ambition, to get back to the heritage that once made this country great and you could read everything that was in it on the label. We would like to thank the people out there that has bought a turkey from us, not for buying, but keeping the breed going and giving it a place in todays market. We hope you enjoy, if you have purchased one, and to those of you thinking about it , live a little, give nature a chance to bring you your food. The way it was ment. NATURALY!!


Listing last updated on Dec 2, 2012

HELLO EVERYBODY !! It is that time again to come together with our family's and friends for another holiday season. We are very proud to bring to you for this time of year these wonderful turkey's for christmas. Listed below are the cost for our turkeys. They will be as last year 4$ P LB. Thanks for looking.


7.26 = 29.04 7.77= 31.08 7.92= 31.68 8.06= 32.24 8.51= 34.04 8.61= 34.44 8.88= 35.52 10.11=40.44

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