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All of our animals are raised humanely and organically. They are raised primarily on pasture, without artificial hormones or other chemicals and with non-GMO feed. We try to specialize in registered heritage breeds.

- PIGS: Our pigs enjoy the freedom to express their "pigness" they live outdoors and use their snouts to root for natural "treats". The result is delicious and healthy pork. Our hogs are raised humanely; without chemicals, hormones, or antibiotics. Unlike supermarket pork from factory farms our pigs are free to root and run all about their pasture, this results in meat that is tastier and with many healthy properties. Pastured pork is higher in vitamin E and more of the essential Omega-3 fatty acids than factory farm pork. Each order is cut and processed exactly to the customer's specific preference.

TURKEYS: Our turkeys are raised organically with no artificial "anything" added to their natural diet. Consequently their meat is healthy and they taste great! This year we are raising a variety of Heritage Breed Turkeys. These include: Narragansett, Spanish Black, Bourbon Red, Fall Fire and Chocolate. All of these breeds are hardy, beautiful birds. Mature weights can vary from 10 to 33 pounds depending on breed and gender.


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Harvest Village is a Cool farm with warm hospitality! Harvest Village is an agritourism business that features a Bed and Breakfast on a small organic farm. A farm stay at Harvest Village includes amazing breakfasts, interaction with farm animals, peaceful country living and activities.

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