Harvey's Farm is a small family farm that raises dairy goats, several varieties of muscadine grapes, and blueberries.

Harvey's Farm is also the host of the Citrus County Co-op, which provides organic vegetables, fruits, meats, cheeses, milks, eggs, honey, etc. from several local farmers and supplementing with wholesale organics. Harvey's Farm supplies raw goat milk and goat milk products from their farm as well as raw cow's milk from a local farmer, ABBD Farm. The goats have access to free range pasture and browse all day every day and fed non GMO sprouts and fodder grass when milking. They are also fed nutritional and medicinal herbs, if needed. They are hormone and antibiotic free. The cows are free ranging and grassfed, with supplements of hay and fermented hay, no grain at all. All milk is sold for pet consumption only, per FL State law. Co-op runs bi-weekly, ordering is done online, visit their website or contact to join or for more information.

Contact for tours or to visit the farm. We are open Saturdays for U-pick grapes from mid-August through mid-September.


Listing last updated on Jan 26, 2014

U-Pick Grapes open Saturdays Mid-August thru Mid-September

Citrus County Co-op, providing locally and organically grown food for the community.

Schedule and Location:

Citrus County Co-op, online farmer's market style. Ordering bi-weekly. Located at Harvey's Farm. To join, contact farm.

Schedule and Location:

Saturdays from 9-5 U-Pick Grapes
6341 S Eastern Ave, Homosassa, FL 34446

We can open during the week by appointment only.

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Valerie and Dan (and two children) go out of their way to provide excellent customer service all the while maintaining the 10 acre farm, numerous animals,thriving vineyard and raising a family.... [more]

Valerie and Dan (and their two kids) are great to work with. Their product is always delicious and they are super friendly and the prices are very reasonable.... [more]

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