Hass Avocados

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Hass Avocados

Hass avocados feature a smooth, rich, creamy and nutty taste, making it the most popular avocado in California.

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Our avocados are not certified organic because it costs too much to be certified and maintain low prices, we are a small family farm where no pesticides or synthetic herbal sides are use. They are grown with natural farm chicken and goat manure. We also have our own water well that provide extra minerals to our fruits that are not found in city water. We are located in the wonderful city of Fallbrook California close to Temecula Valley, in which our orchard enjoys the nice pacific ocean breeze that cruises by at night.

Hass avocados feature a smooth, rich, creamy and nutty taste, making it the most popular and one of the favorite avocado in California. It's usually in season from early January to late fall.

We sell our avocados by the box and shipped to you via USPS Priority.

You can choose from our small box of 12 medium size avocados. Our medium size box that contains 18 avocados (approx 8-9 lbs.) Or our value large box that contains 27 avocados (approx 12-13 lbs.)

We pick all of our fruits on Monday and ship Tuesday mornings it takes proximately 2-3 business days, so don't wait and order today! (USPS Priority)

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