We are a family owned and run mini-farm in the heart of Amish country. We started with 2 milk goats, a puppy, and a bunch of children with enthusiasm in 1998. We love Holmes County and the opportunities it has afforded us to raise our family. We love our Creator and Redeemer Jesus Christ and wish to glorify Him in our efforts here on our farm. We now sell Oberhalsi and LaMancha milk goat does, bucklings and kids each spring. We have heirloom laying pullets and eggs most of the year. We raise, butcher and sell fresh turkeys heritage and whites raised on non-GMO feed, no antibiotics, each Thanksgiving available that week. We have heirloom apples, including Orange Pippin and Rambo varieties. We have family raised poodle puppies each year for sale. We are trying to do our best to have local good food, non-GMO and no soy in our feeds and very little if any corn. We invite you to contact us and come visit.

Listing last updated on Nov 12, 2014

In the heart of Amish country, a small family run mini farm. We have goats, puppies,chickens, and turkeys. We grow animals and products as naturally as possible without being certified. We enjoy what we are doing and enjoy learning more as we do it. We would love to have you come visit Amish country or call and find out what we have to sell.

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