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Featuring KAMUELA PRIDE, certified naturally raised, grass-fed beef and lamb. We also offer raw wool and tanned sheepskins. Located on the Big Island, we graze our stock on the lush green pastures of Kamuela. With a year-round growing season, our cattle and sheep roam in a free-range setting throughout the year, nourished by tropical grasses, succulent legumes, and a natural mineral supplement, the perfect diet for ungulates. Providing our stock with their optimum natural diet, and a low-stress environment allows us to guarantee a high quality product without the use of sub-therapeutic antibiotics or growth promoting hormonal implants. As an added benefit, beef and lamb raised on grass pasture provides high quantities of Omega-3 Fatty Acids, essential for optimum health. (For additional information on Omega-3 Fatty Acids go to www.eatwild.com ). Not only is it more healthful, grass-fed beef and lamb is also superior in flavor and texture to conventionally raised products. KAMUELA PRIDE Beef and Lamb is processed in a USDA certified and actively inspected facility. All of our beef is graded using the well known USDA standards and our quality control system insures that only beef grading select to mid-choice will bare our label. On the average our beef is leaner than what you would find in the supermarket, however there is still sufficient marbling to yeild a juicy and tender product when cooked. We do use deworming products on an as-needed basis as maintaining our stock in optimum health is our first priority. Our dual species (sheep and cattle), rotational grazing system has successfully lessened the need for deworming. We do host interns and offer farm tours occasionally. All of our products are available on a year-round basis via mail-order. Contact us for more information!


Listing last updated on Mar 14, 2001

Big Island residents, beginning March 22, 2001 at Parker School, Dr. Michelle Suber, ND, will be teaching a course entitled Big Island Whole Foods. Join in this six-week class to learn the health benefits of eating fresh, organic, whole foods produced right here on the Big Island. Each week will feature instructional lecture and a presentation by a selected Big Island Producer. Hawaii Natural Meats will be presenting April 5th. For more informatin call Dr. Suber or Parker School, both in Kamuela.

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