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Steve Frailey started organically farming Noni fruit in 1981, when he and his wife started the family farm at their idyllic location on The island of Kauai. He is a huge master in the organic cultivation, and a major supplier of the best quality fruit to numerous endeavors throughout the Hawaiian Islands, prior to focusing on the joint venture of Hawaiian Health Ohana.

Scott 'SH' Jarvis originated Noni Fruit Leather in 1994 in reaction to the need to send out Noni to friends around the world. Discovering that low-temperature dehydration created a form that required no refrigeration and can be mailed effortlessly and inexpensively, yet still retain the healing characteristics of the fresh fruit, he started a mission to build the better dryer that would allow the extremely efficient processing required to keep temperatures down.

Hawaiian Health Ohana's products are all certified organic. Hawaiian Health Ohana grows, picks, packages, and distributes their own products. (The only exception is the organic lavender which they source from France for use in their lavender noni lotion.)


Listing last updated on Nov 1, 2010

100% Certified Organic, Raw Food Noni with no additives or preservatives. Non Fermented for better taste and potency. Unlike Noni Fruit Juice, Raw Noni Fruit Leather requires no refrigeration and has a 2 year shelf life. Featured Products: Noni Fruit Leather, Lavender Noni Lotion for external use, and Noni Products that are safe for Animals!

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