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ATTENTION: 11/24/2013 (See Pictures) We have a 25-month old Steer who is ready for butchering. He is one half purebred Wagyu and one half purebred Limousin. He can be picked-up here at our Cumberland, Ohio Farm or we will arrange for him to be taken to our local butcher, then delivered to you, if you want to pay the shipping. Or, it can be picked up from the butcher or our farm. If interested in the live steer call or email for price. If you are interested in getting a Half or Quarter beef, the cost would be $4.40 per pound hanging weight including butchering charges, plus $.45/ pound for any hamburger patties ordered. We will not be selling quarters as hind and front, but as ½ of a half beef (mixed hind and front); this is more fair. The vacuum-packaged yield is roughly 70% - 80% of the hanging weight. We estimate the beef will weigh about 600 - 750 pounds hanging weight, for a yield of 420 - 600 pounds of packaged beef. Your final cost will be based on the beef's actual hanging weight. The following example of cost is based on our last beef butchered. The cost breakdown for 1/4 Steer weighing 170 pounds hanging weight: 170# X $4.40 /pound = $ 748.00 (Plus $.45 per pound for patties, if ordered.) Yield: About 120 pounds of packaged beef. Final cost: @ $6.24 / pound. Our beef is organically grown, grass-fed, vaccine and antibiotic free, and pasture-finished. We don't fatten them up on grain. This translates into healthier meat. The Wagyu Breed contributes good marbling and flavorful meat when grass-finished. The Limousin breed provides a large and sturdy frame. Let us know if you are interested and we can supply a cut sheet along with one that is filled out to use as an example, if your are local. If not local we can arrange pick-up most any time; Call us at (740) 638-2078 if you have any questions or would like the cut sheet. We will need to receive commitments for at least ½ of the steer by December 1, 2013. Once we have a commitment, we will work out payment deposit, schedule, and any other details. The cut sheets can be e-mailed to nance.donia at gmail.com or faxed to the attention of Nance Donia at 740-826-2667. We thank you for your business! Yours Truly, Frank and Nance Donia

We raise Limousin cattle crossed with Wagyu. We sell the steers live, whole, 1/2s, or 1/4s hanging. Supply is limited to 2 to 4 steers per year. Steers are ready for butchering when they are 24 to 28 months old. They are grass & hay fed. We feed very little corn. Stock is not medicated, they have free choice mineralized-salt blocks and protein/mineral supplement tubs during winter calving.

Our garden produces organically grown asparagus, peppers and tomatoes. This year we will be trying to produce garlic. Garden produce may be ordered in advance so extra is planted to meet the customer's needs.


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We raise Limousin cattle crossed with Wagyu. We sell the steers live, whole, 1/2s, or 1/4s hanging. We are working towards purebred Wagyu, it'll take a few years.

Our garden produces organically grown asparagus, peppers and tomatoes.

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