We offer a kiwi you-pick of two types of kiwis. Large fuzzy type and the baby kiwi that is the size of large grape. Hazelnuts, kiwi honey, and marionberry syrup is available. Farms tours are welcome.

We are coming to the end of our season for u-picking of the baby kiwis and fuzzy kwis. HB & K Farms is offerig already picked FUZZY KIWIS at U-PICKED price until the inventory gone. In addition,, any fruit still in the vineyard, will be priced at $1.00 per lb. for you to u-pick.

We offer also a new shipping program called" You Pick, We Ship" via priority mail arriving in 3 days.

Come and enjoy the Dundee Red Hills with beautiful vineyards, eclectric tasting rooms, farm to fork restaurants, and finest in hospitality.

Listing last updated on Nov 22, 2013

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Yes, the gentleman who helped me was less than friendly. But I loved visiting the vineyard and learning about kiwi. The small variety are to die for and sooooo sweet! I have now stopped there several times and, although I would never describe the owner as "sweet" or "sociable" he is knowledgeable and helpful.... [more]

We picked two small boxes of kiwis, while trudging through mud, and stepping over dog turds. He weighed them at a table next to multiple dog kennels, which reaked of the filth that the poor, caged animals were stepping in.... [more]

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