Heal My Hands

To help with the ever increasing costs we are all suffering, we are now offering free shipping, via first class mail, for all tins and tubes. there's a chill in the air - fall is coming and with it, drier skin. prevent the splits and cracks of winter now, for less, and the shipping is on us!

heal my hands is an all-natural skin and lip moisturizing line for people and pets. with natures finest moisturizing butters, conditioning oils and healing herbal extracts, our creamy, concentrated cakes provide soothing protection for over-dry or overworked hands, lips, heels and noses in a convenient, no mess, solid form.

hmh products are made by hand in small batches to preserve quality and ensure product freshness and integrity. we use no petroleum, preservatives, chemical additives, stabilizers or fillers, artificial colors or fragrances. we use both our own and locally grown herbs in the infusion of our oils. we are in the process of converting to organic ingredients.

Listing last updated on Dec 23, 2014

Face the coming cold and ward off dry, chapped skin and cracked fingertips with a heal my everything gift pack. stop the problems before they start. now with free shipping!

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I've had this product about a week and it is great! Hight quality. It comes in a nice screw-top tin and is a nice hard cake of balm. I've had it about a week.... [more]

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