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In the traditions of Dr. Weston A. Price and John Jeavons, the Hacker family takes pride in our motto "taking stock in your health." We believe that nutrient dense, boidynamic produce and grass pastured meat, eggs, and milk are important to preserving the health that God intends for all of us to live in and experience. By providing our livestock with sound mineral nutrition and healthful surroundings and using their composted inputs to enrich the soil of our gardens, we bring you a product that goes "beyond organic". We hope to set a standard of sustainable agriculture in northwest Arkansas so that our children will have a heritage of healthy, safe farming to pass on to their children. Your children benefit by having access to healthful, natural food to help them grow in stature and mental health. Please contact us with your interests in beef, goat, turkey and chicken meat and chicken eggs and goat milk. Wild blackberries and vegetables available in season. We supply breeding stock of Beefalo, Devon and Jersey cattle and meat and dairy goats to those interested in livng on a few acres with livestock. Startup consultations are available.


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Healthy soil is the building block for healthy livestock and produce that "take stock in your health". On Tyree Mountain in Prairie Grove , Arkansas we can provide you with food for your table or lessons in sustainable agriculture to help you develop your own livestock undertakings on a few acres.

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Lincoln Farmers Market Fridays from 4 pm to 6 pm.

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Audrey Hacker is the real deal (and her whole family is too)! Today I went with a group of women homesteaders to the top of Tyree Mountain in Prairie Grove to Audrey Hacker's farm, Healthstock/Horned H Ranch, where the wind always blows.... [more]

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