Heart Mtn Valley Ranch is 100% organic. We raise and sell 100% organic beef, we are cerified by Montana Dept of AG / USDA. We sell beef by the bundle, 1/4's, 1/2's or whole's. We have it custom cut to your order. We pride ourselves on our wonderfully lean and tender beef. The breeds we raise is natually low is Cholesteral and high in Omega 3's. Our ranch is all family owned and operated. We also raise organic apples and vegetables. We are located by the East entrance to Yellowstone National Park. Our Animals are fed a 100% organic diet which consists of alfala hay, range grass, sea salt and kelp. We only fertilize our fields with organic fertilizers such as fish emulsion. There is never any chemicals, hormones, steriods, or pesticides ever used on our cattle or in our meat. We don't add any dyes, or water during processing or packaging. YOU GET PURE BEEF. Our animals are treated very humanely, we DO NOT vaccinate... We have no need.

Listing last updated on Oct 5, 2011

organic, grass fed, pasture raised, lean beef, family owned, pure beef, certified by Montana dept of ag. Usda

Schedule and Location:

27 lane 19 Cody Wyoming
4 Lane 18 Cody Wyoming
Meat available at Cody Meat also.

Schedule and Location:

Lane 18 and Highway 14 16 (Powell Highway)


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