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I have been raising sheep for 12 years in WV. I chose the Coopworth breed due to it's soft, long and lustrous fiber that almost spins itself! It is outstanding to needle-felt as well as wet-felt. My fleece is professionally processed by Zeilinger's in Michigan. I sell roving-all natural colors and some with dye! I also have alpacas and llamas and their fiber is also processed in Michigan. If interested, please call or e-mail for samples and prices. The quality is outstanding and as stated above," The Coopworth almost spins itself!" A small part of my flock are Jacobs. These create a beautiful pewter color when the white and black fleece of the Jacobs are professionally processed into roving for hand-spinners.

I have been USDA in lamb for 3 1/2 years. The meat is lean and very mild in flavor. The Coopworth breed is a medium size and the development is not that of a "meat" breed - again, the Coopworth lamb is lean and mild in flavor. If interested in the purchase of meat, call or e-mail for information. The Coopworth is delicious and does not have a "gamey" flavor that is ofter found in lamb that is imported, please buy from the USA, thank you! We sell wholesale for 1/2 and/or whole lamb and we also sell retail, call or e-mail for prices!

I placed 1st with my Coopworth fleece in the Coopworth division at the 2010 Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival and second another year! We sell raw fleeces, roving, batting, yarn, felted items and supplies ------- again, call and/or e-mail for information and prices, thank you!

I look forward to hearing from you, Debbie


Listing last updated on Jan 19, 2015

Schedule and Location:

Winter Blues Market - February 26, 2015 in Charleston, WV. This is held indoors and this is the first year that it is in Charleston and not Morgantown, WV. I am looking forward to meeting new customers and return customers that will head south to Charleston. A very special event that ties in with the Small Farm Conference in WV.

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Recently, I have had the opportunity to purchase 1/2 a lamb for our family. It was refreshing to recieve the personal attention to every detail in our order.... [more]

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