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Heartwood Farms in Bayfield, Colorado has been stewarded by members of the Heartwood Cohousing Community since 2009. We currently manage approximately 100 acres of irrigated pasture and pinion/juniper forest.

Cameron Duhaime operates a small Raw Milk Herdshare. His cows are predominantly grass-fed but may receive up to 2 pounds per day of certified non-GMO grain during milking. He also raises heritage breed hogs which are rotationally grazed on pasture and then finished under oak brush, juniper, and pine trees. His Forest-Finished Pork is only given certified non-GMO feed, leftover milk and whey from the herdshare, and extensive access to natural forages. Rachel Huber raises her pastured flock of laying hens in an old horse trailer-turned-Eggmobile, giving her ladies only non-GMO feed. Kami Parrish-Larson and Karel Longan of Greens'n'Things at Heartwood Farms provide veggies, transplants, flowers, and herbs locally to natural food stores, restaurants, and farmer's markets.

Our focus at Heartwood Farms is holistic land management and regenerative, beyond organic agriculture. We use no chemical fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides, hormones, or antibiotics. We make loads of compost and manage our animals' manure to be an asset rather than a liability. Our animals are only fed certified non-GMO feed and are grazed using intensive planned grazing and multispeciation. Our dairy cows and beginning beef cows are moved everyday to simulate natural herd behavior and maintain herd health. The pigs are moved out on pasture every 3-5 days with an old trampoline for portable shade. When they reach 150lbs, we move them up into the forest where they are hard at work incorporating leaf litter and fertilizing the forest floor, with the long-term plan of reversing the desertification processes underway in our high altitude, arid climate. Our chickens follow our cows and pigs to sanitize the pastures, spread manure, and further fertilize. We grow our gardens with practices influenced by Eliot Coleman and Biodynamics. Through our management practices we hope to sequester carbon by building topsoil, allowing it to retain more from our infrequent precipitations, and reverse our desertifying landscape.

To sign up for a Raw Milk Herdshare, give us a call, send an email, or visit our website. Pork can be ordered through our website or over the phone. We can ship pork as well, please call for more information. Greens'n'Things garden products and Rachel's Pastured Eggs will be available to herdshare and pork customers and for sale at various farmer's markets and retail outlets in the Durango area. Please call or email for more information on the availability of these products.


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Our Produce: -Beyond Organic Vegetables, Fruits, Flowers, Herbs, Starts -Non-GMO Forest Finished Pork -Raw Milk Herdshares -Non-GMO Pasture-Rasied Eggs

Schedule and Location:

Bayfield, Saturdays, 8-12am

Schedule and Location:

2418 Columbine Dr. Durango (just north of Needham Elementary, Wednesdays, 4-6pm

We sell vegetables, pork, and eggs to restaurants and natural food stores. We are looking for more wholesale accounts, please contact us if you are interested.

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