Heather's Heritage Hens

Heather's Heritage Hens raises and sells cold-hardy, docile, and handsome backyard birds. We offer meat birds (young roos) and pullets (young hens.) Currently, we work with Light Brahmas, Salmon Faverolles, Barnevelders, and Ameraucanas.

We also raise heritage hogs, and offer a small number of meat shares of those hogs.

We use organic, Montana grown grains to feed all of our animals.

The flock also supplies about 20 families with seasonal egg shares, although the hens are currently out of production for autumn and part of winter.

Heather is also available for backyard bird consultations.

Listing last updated on Nov 23, 2012

Montana-Raised, Heritage Breed Backyard Chickens, Meat Birds and Pork

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We have been customers for over 2 years. After reading Michael Pollan's books, I actively sought a better source of eggs. I was very happy we had such an extraordinary resource here in town.... [more]

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