Heirloom Cherokee Garlic bulbs (hardneck)

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Heirloom Cherokee Garlic bulbs (hardneck)

Tasty and hardy heirloom garlic bulbs that top set bulbils for propagation. Easy to grow. A delight to eat.

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 45 Medium Cherokee$44.99

Season: Aug-Oct 

 18 Medium Bulbs$19.99

Season: Aug-Oct 

 40 Mini Bulbs$12.00

Season: Aug-Oct 

 Cherokee SEED Cloves$12.00

Season: Aug-Oct 

 20 culinary bulbs$10.00

Season: Aug-Oct 

 20 SMALL bulbs$10.00

Season: Aug-Oct 

 Nine MEDIUM bulbs$10.00

Season: Aug-Oct 

 1/2 pound order$9.00

Season: Aug-Oct 

 1/4 pound order$4.95

Season: Aug-Oct 

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A very hardy and delicious hard-neck garlic. Original seeds (bulbils) were given to me by a Native American Cherokee Indian.

Culinary bulbs are those that are considered too small for seed (planting) garlic. Same delicious flavor but at a reduced price.

I grow all my garlic in soft, lush beds that are mulched heavily to prevent weed competition.

I am Certified Naturally Grown and use good, clean, organic practices in my gardening.

I sell my garlic by weight; all bulbs will be at least 1.25" across.

Please keep your garlic stored in an airy, not too cold, not too warm spot until ready for planting. Do not break apart the bulbs until you are ready to plant because doing so will either cause the individual cloves to dry out or it may inducing sprouting.

Plant the biggest cloves to get the biggest bulbs next year. Eat the rest and enjoy!

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