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Heirloom Farms prides itself on growing the produce your grandparents used to grow. The way veggies tasted before they became modified or crossed with other varieties. We do not use any herbicide or pesticide. All pest control is done naturally from remedies used by the PA Dutch and Amish people for decades.

We also educate our customers on the history of their produce. What country of origin and how it is grown. It is easy for consumers to get mislead by others claiming to be one thing when they aren't.

Heirloom Farms has qualified under the organic program with the USDA. They have submitted all documentation. We are too small to qualify under "Certified Organic". Go to the website for the National Organics Program with the USDA. If a farmer is a large producer and claiming to be organic, they must have USDA certification.

It is important as a grower and a consumer, that you know what is the truth and what is false.

Listing last updated on Aug 12, 2014

Tomatoes: Eggplants: Sweet Green Bell from Australia Black Beauty Purple Bell Squashes: Yellow straight and crookneck Zuchinni Greek Sweet Red Butternut Acorn Spaghetti Peppers: Hungarian Hot Wax California Big Bell Beans: Kentucky Wonder Pole Cucumbers: Straight 8s Louisiana Sugar Cane Okra: Burgundy Red Fife Creek Cowhorn from Fife Family and Creek Tribe in Mississippi

Schedule and Location:

Haughton Farmer's Market June 21-August 16 from 8-Noon at Hwy 3227 and Allen Town Rd in Haughton. One mile from Pilot Truck Stop and Waffle House. Fresh locally grown produce expected by July 5th market day.

Schedule and Location:

Located at: 895 Allen Town Rd (off Hwy 3227) Hours: Noon-3 pm on Monday to Thursday, off Friday, and Noon-3pm on Saturday.

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