Heirloom Italy A P Marrone Farm

Note from LocalHarvest regarding Heirloom Italy-AP Marrone Farm: We have received notice that the Heirloom Italy AP Marrone Farm CSA has not commenced for the season. We do not know whether the CSA will run this year. We do not recommend signing up for shares at this time. If you are an Heirloom Italy AP Marrone farm member, please contact the farm for more information.

Heirloom Italy-AP Marrone Farm & Produce is dedicated to providing fresh grown organic heritage/heirloom breeds of fruits and vegetables pesticide free. I have committed a new section of the farm just for more variety of greens,cabbages, lettuce that are the micro nutrients your body needs to be healthy.Home-grown produce has all of its health benefits in tact when you receive it. I also offer fresh chicken and eggs which can be delivered with your box.[email-must be bought separate] You will be amazed with the amount and variety of fresh veggies you will get with our CSA . We do believe we are one of the only fresh and local CSA that tells you how many pounds you receive! The best part is that we deliver right to your doorstep once a week, or every other week, depending on which you prefer!

This year we are offering:

Summer Feast: 20 lbs for 20 weeks, home delivery. $2.00 per lb, $10 delivery fee = $1,000

Summer Delight: 20 lbs over 20 weeks, every other week, home delivery. $2.50 per lb, $10 delivery fee = $600.00

The best part of a CSA is the produce is fresh and local. Heirloom Italy is a community supported agriculture (CSA) project dedicated to serving as a model of sustainability, while providing the freshest, most nutritious produce possible to households in the Metro Washington,DC - Northern Virginia Area - The 495 Corridor and The Eastern Panhandle of West Virginia.

Through composting and soil management, we increase the mineral content of our soil. Minerals such as calcium, copper, magnesium, phosphorus, potash, and zinc are abundant. Our produce has taste all its own, and the mineral content helps to keep your body healthy. If you have diabetes or cancer, you need to start eating the right foods. You must give your body the ammunition it needs to fight back! The world in which we live can be a different.It starts with making the change in what you put in your body.By feeding yourself with healthy vitamin/nutrient filled veggies, your body will fight off cancer,sugar,heart problems or better yet not get them.There will be no need to diet either because when you change from eating processed food the lbs will fall off by itself.So live longer,be there for your family and get rid of your pharmacy bills like I did. We do not need fuel and energy costs going into boxing and shipping of produce or transporting it from across the country. Imagine insecticides and pesticides no longer in the air we breathe, infecting the animals we eat, admire, or care for. This starts with me and you. My family is committed! I do hope you join our 2014 CSA ! For a complete listing of what we are growing this year, please visit our website http://www.marronesheirloomitaly.net


Listing last updated on Jul 10, 2014

Growing our produce with Italian and American heirloom seeds , we have all of the vegetables you love! We have a huge variety of vegetables, fruits, and herbs. You can pick your boxes up at one of our farmer's markets, or we can deliver right to your home or work on a weekly basis. We deliver to Falls Church, Reston, Herndon, Arlington, Alexandria, and Washington DC, Martinsburg, Charles Town, Harper's Ferry, Brunswick, and more. I do hope you join our 2014 CSA Family!!!!!

Season:  June through October

Type:  multiple farm

Since:  2007

# of Shares:  190

Full Share:  Summer Feast : 20 lbs for 20 weeks = $1,000

1/2 Share:  Summer Delight : 20 lbs for 10 weeks(every other week for 20 wks) = $600

Work Req?  No

Schedule and Location:

Martinsburg Farmer's Market
Wednesday and Friday

more farmer's markets may be added once it is time to apply

Schedule and Location:

not available at the time

for canning and bulk purchase - please inquire

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We subscribed to this CSA for a second season this year. We had a great experience with the freshness and variety, home delivery and good communication by email from this supplier.... [more]

2013 was my first CSA subscription.

Cons: -It took a few deliveries to get on a regular schedule. So when I ran out of food, I never knew if I should go and pick up a day or two worth, or just nibble at what's left and wait for the delivery.... [more]

Picked up some tomatoes at the Charles Town Farmers Market this past Saturday. They were AMAZING! I swear I have not had a tomato this good since I was a child. I will be back for more!

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