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Heirloom Ketchup was started in 2001 by Steve McGowan-415-595-5932(to Order) to produce Pure Heirloom Tomato Ketchups & Gourmet Ketchups in distinct colors from different Tomatolations(TM). Heirloom paste style and meatier varietals of HeirloomTomatoes are saved, seeded, transplanted & custom grown. Heirloom Tomato Seeds & Spring Transplants are available on the heirloomfarm.net website.

The Ketchups and Steves other Award Winning* preserved foods( Mustards, Jams, Conserves, Pickled Vegetables and Authentic Fremented Garlic Dill Pickles are available by phone. (*see 2012 Sonoma Harvest Fair & 2005 Sonoma County Fair - Preserved Food Competition winners).

Heirloom Ketchup have been a popular Vendor at the Kendall Jackson Heirloom Tomato Festival since 2001 and just completed the most recent Tomato Festival in Sept (see kj.com). About 2500 people sample Heirloom Ketchup, 175 different Heirloom Tomatoes grown by Patricia Rossi of KJ and foods, olive oils, gelatos and wine from 25 other purveyors during the one day celebration of Heirloom Tomatoes.. We are in the process of building a mobile Tomato Processing unit designed by Steve McGowan to process fresh field ripe Heirloom Tomatoes on site for use in Heirloom Ketchup, Heirloom Gaspacho Soups and Heirloom Ketchup Fresh Tomato Juice and Tomato Sauce lines. Investment queries welcomed -heirloomketchupATaolDOT

Currently the handpicked tomatoes are processed in small batches by hand in commercial kitchens. The mobile unit can be transported directly local tomato fields (see-heirloomfarmsDOTnet) to eliminate packing & shipping of Heirloom Tomatoes which are more delicate than rock hard tasteless hybrid Processing tomatoes which are machine picked into 22 ton tomato trucks and processed at 80 tons per hour.


Listing last updated on Nov 9, 2012

Bottles of Ketchup are available 415-595-5932 Heirloom Varietal Ketchups 12oz Btl $10 bottle;4/$35plus $15 Priority($50) 1. Black Russian -blend of Black Trifel, Purple Cherokee & other dark heirlooms etc. 2. Habanero Chipotle 3. Habanero Chipotle Carmelized Garlic 4. Carmelized Garlic

Gourmet Heirloom Red Ketchups 10Oz; $7.95; 3/$21 + $12 Priority($33) 1 Habanero Chipotle- Med Hot 2 Carmelized Garlic- Mild and nutty 3 Saluk Thai- Spicy Lemongrass/Galangal/Curry

Schedule and Location:

Call 415-595-5932 Steve McGowan at Heirloom Ketchup to Order.

Heirloom Ketchups and Heirloom Gourmet Ketchups by Priority Mail.

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