Heirloom Popcorn Seed Collection

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Heirloom Popcorn Seed Collection

Popcorn is easy to grow, and great fun for the whole family!

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These heirloom popcorns are one of the great delights from our fall harvest, and through the winter!

All grown in our chemical-free gardens here in Southern Indiana, these are our favorite varieties. They are compact, easy to grow, and the raccoons don't wreck them like they do the sweet corn!

We sell the popcorn at our Winter Farmers Market, but we reserved some seed stock, and have just enough left to offer to our Local Harvest public.

Try one or more of these great varieties, or treat yourself to a collection of four!

Calico -- gorgeous kernels are every color, many are striped, each a unique little jewel. Pops up fluffy and delicious!

Early Pink -- translucent, pale mauve kernels, corn matures in 80 days!

Japanese Hulless

South American -- pretty yellow, excellent flavor!

Strawberry -- as pictured, cute little ears of dark red corn, often used ornamentally, but also great for popping!

.5 oz of seeds per packet

Growing tips: These mature rapidly, and can be planted into July. Do not grow popcorn in conjunction with sweet corn, as they may cross-pollinate.

Our garden seeds, yarns, and nuts make perfect gifts in synergy with our shared goals of environmental protection, sustainability, and food security.

Consider our wide range of heirloom vegetable, herb, and flower seeds as holiday gifts this year ~ grow your own and promote genetic diversity!

We are a chemical-free, no-kill farm.