Heirloom Veggies

We are a provider of heirloom vegetable plants that start from mostly certified organic seeds. The seeds come from our local area in central Virginia with plants suited for this climate by a local provider that only uses open pollination. We do not use any genetically modified seeds and we use only natural practices for our plants. The seeds start off in one of natures best mediums - worm castings.

Our vegetable plants are not treated with any chemical fertilizers or insecticides or pesticides. Instead, we use natural ways to curb the insects and disease by using compost teas as both a spray and soil enhancement. The microbes in the tea act as a deterrent for insects and disease on the leaves plus the tea acts as a food source for the beneficial organisms in the soil. In addition, we also use several types of plants to deter insects and other pests from munching on our plants.

Since we use heirloom varieties, the vegetable plants will yield some of the best tasting vegetables you have ever tasted. Give us a try and taste the past.


Listing last updated on Apr 8, 2011

We grow Heirloom Vegetable Plants from everyday favorites to rare varieties in the Spring and the Fall. All of our plants start of in the very best media featuring worm castings and are treated with all natural goodness and ingredients.

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