Fifteen years ago we purchased a 100A farm outside Winterset in order to "live in the country" and pursue a beef enterprise while still practicing veterinary medicine. Farm ground which had been used to grow corn/soybeans was converted to grasses and legumes to maximize forage production and curtail erosion. Our cattle are predominantly of the Black Angus breed genetically enabling us to achieve a high percentage of tender choice/select grades. The grass fed program we utilize assures maximum levels of Omega 3 and CLA. No antibiotics,hormones or synthetic feed additives are used in our operation. Cattle are rotated daily to fresh grass in order to present a most desirable feedstuff encouraging maximun growth rates. Harvesting usually begins early fall and will close out late fall. Beef can be puchased by the quarter, half or whole carcass. Carcasses are dry aged a minimun of 14 days before they are processed to your specifications. Pricing is based on carcass weight only--no added surprises at any time. We have been selling direct for the last 12 years and plan to continue many more. The majority of our customers are repeat buyers. SAFE, LOCAL, TRUSTWORTHY, FRESH, NATURAL,GRASSFED and DELICIOUS!!


Listing last updated on May 19, 2010

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We ordered a whole beef from the Henrichsen's last year and really admire the care they put into their animals, their sharing of their grazing program with their customers, and their help with locker particulars.... [more]

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