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Hens' Haven is a small operation devoted to producing quality farm-fresh eggs from show quality Brahma bantams. Our eggs are collected often and brushed, but never washed. This allows the natural "bloom" the hen deposits on the egg to keep bacteria out and freshness in!

If you're interested in raising show birds or pets, we can set a clutch for you, or can hatch out your desired variety given enough notice and a deposit. We do NOT kill any extra male chicks we hatch out, unlike the commercial hatcheries. If you'd like to take babies from our farm, please be prepared to take the cockerels with the pullets!

We raise Buffs, Darks, Lights, Blacks, and Partridge bantam Brahmas, from winning bloodlines and parents may be seen on the farm. Please call or write to arrange an appointment. Hens' Haven is a NPIP participant, and our birds are tested yearly.

We strive to keep our customers supplied with the freshest, highest-quality eggs we can possibly produce from a well-fed happy flock of hens. We are also able to offer at the prime hatching season, fertile eggs for hatching in the customer's incubator, or may be able to hatch a clutch here at the farm by special order. (This assumes, of course, that the hen feels like cooperating!) We never force-molt our flock, and they enjoy a varied and enriched environment. We have a strong customer base due to our quality and the guarantee that if the customer isn't satisfied with any aspect of their order, we'll do everything in our power to rectify the situation. Inquiries are welcome, and if we're not available by phone, please leave a message. We look forward to doing business with you! Also available for a limited time, are two pastured beef heifers. We usually buy them as babies in the late fall, then feed them hay, sweet feed, and minerals til the spring grass comes in. They are always allowed to wander over our 11 acres, and have access to two ponds plus a separate water trough. We grow one heifer for our own use, and usually sell the remaining girls to the stockyards. We would prefer to offer them for private sale to customers who prefer grass-fed beef who've lived their lives in sunshine, dry footing, and healthy surroundings with trees, shrubs, and pasture for feed. If you've ever tasted grass fed beef, you can immediately tell the huge difference between that and the bland flesh offered by the commercial industry. These heifers are offered for a very limited time, so please call 859-893-1318 for pricing. We may be able to deliver the live animal to your farm, depending on distance from Richmond, Kentucky. All our animals are raised with their welfare in mind, not our own convenience or profitability. Just ask our two horses, 29 year old Ginger and 26 year old Comanche! They've been retired for the past five years, but seem to be very happy just to loaf around and watch the cows! (An update on our horses: Ginger and Comanche died within three days of each other, she at age 30, he at age 27. They were humanely euthanized when it was apparent that they had lain down for the last time. I had promised Ginger the day she came to live with me that I would never keep her longer than she wanted to stay. Just before her injection, she was munching on a Honeycrisp apple, an epicure to the last. I miss her and her companion every day, but am able to visit their graves under newly planted apple trees here on the farm.)


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Are you looking for quality, truly farm-fresh eggs? Give us a call for the best tasting eggs in Kentucky! Our bantam Brahmas produce lovely, light brown, tasty eggs without coaxing. As show birds, they are beautiful to see and a delight to know. They are also the best birds in the world to get your youngster involved in the poultry 4-H program. Being so friendly and personable, Brahmas are just a natural fit for the young poultry fancier. We usually have a few birds for sale, so call!

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