Herbal Bath Rinse for The Doggy in Your Life

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Herbal Bath Rinse for The Doggy in Your Life

Let your pet smell the way THEY want to smell after their bath!!

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This will banish the desire of your pet to go outside and roll in the mud after their bath! They do this because they don't like the way they smell after you have taken so much time and/or expense in cleaning their furry coats. Here' s a formula that will make your canine friend a whole lot happier about bath time! An added bonus will be that your doggy will be flea free for several days!

Easy directions are included.

Offered as convenient, no mess bath teas. You need one bath tea per bath. lemon balm, 4 different mints, lavender, rosemary

Very small to small dogs: one 2 " x 2 " bath tea per bath

Medium to large dogs: one 4 x 5 bath tea per bath

sold in packs of 5 bath teas

All herbs used in this formula are grown organically without the use of pesticides, herbicides, etc and are hand harvested with no machinery involved. You can't get any greener, than my farm!

Buy inexpensive herbs, you get cheap quality herbs

Come and visit my store for good old fashion, high quality, fresh teas, bath herbs,and just herbs!

For the most part unless mentioned otherwise, each tea bag will make 2 to 3 cups of tea; If loose herb tea, two ounces will make about 23 cups of tea . One ounce of just an herb is about a sandwich bag, and sometimes a little more. If it is a root herb such as burdock root it is heavier, thus an ounce would be about a quarter of a sandwich bag. Comfrey, plantain and nettle leaves would be in a quart size bag.

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