Herbal Flea Repellent Sachets

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Herbal Flea Repellent Sachets

Keep fleas at bay in your pet's bed with these sachets!

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Our herbal flea repellent sachet features a custom blend of our herbs which are grown naturally without pesticides on our small farm. They are then hand milled and blended to create a high quality product that will help repel fleas.

These work great in dog crates and beds, or tucked into your favorite cats chair or couch; they can even slide between mattresses on people beds where pets are sharing sleeping space. Sewn of 100% cotton in bright fabrics with pet patterns on the front and soft cotton muslin on the back.

Two sizes available: 4.5" x 4.5" square sachets, or 3" x 4" rectangular sachets. Buy two or three packs and save for multiple locations and/or pets!

Please see our herbal flea repellent collars as well!

Contains: Feverfew, pennyroyal, rosemary and southernwood These herbs are NOT edible, please do not allow your pet to consume the pillow or any of the ingredients.

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We grow and make what we sell - all natural hand crafted practical herbal products.