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Herbs 2 U is dedicated to all things edible in the desert garden, the usual and the unusual. With 2 decades of "trowel and error" experience, Catherine has become an go-to person with questions on edible landscaping the the Valley of the Sun.

"If I eat or drink it, I wanted to try to grow it!"

Catherine is now blogging and posting helpful videos on youtube.



The Herb Lady is also a writer on the subject of edible herbs, flowers and plants. A free internet newsletter is available for all who are interested in growing and using herbs and other edibles. Visit the website for links.

Her book "Edible Landscaping in the Desert Southwest: Wheelbarrow to Plate" came out August 2005.

Her Cookbook "101+ Recipes from The Herb Lady" came out December 2006, is all about cooking with real food for real flavor with an emphasis on low fat and low salt, with all the taste and over 150 recipes, fun facts and information on herbs.

"What's a Chill Hour?" is a booklet on choosing stone-fruit trees for maximum success in the desert.

The books can be found at your favorite book seller, online or through the publisher's site. The gardening and cookbooks are also available as e-books.



Listing last updated on Mar 7, 2013

Fresh cut, plants, dried, and blends of edible herbs, spices and flowers are available through local farmers markets, all for culinary use by customers. The Herb Lady's signature recipe blends of herbs and spices are all salt and additive free. In addition to growing and using these flavorful plants, Herbs 2 U classes on growing and cooking with herbs and edible flowers are presented at the Boyce Thompson Arboretum and private organizations

Schedule and Location:

Friday's - Mesa Community Market, Center Street, South of University, Mesa, Arizona 9 - noon

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