Herbs of Light Medicine Farm

Herbs of Light Medicine Farm is an extension of Gaia School of Herbal Studies. Medicinal Herbs are grown and harvested, therapeutic products are made from our cultivated and wild gathered herbs. A "community sustained" Medicine Share is offered every season, available in late September, composed of medicinal products for family and winter health: teas, Elixirs, Tonics for Throat and Lungs; balms, salves, infused oils.

We grow in biodynamic style, enriching soil, encouraging pollinators, using no chemicals for anything, and are VERY proud of how we grow. We are a small operation and have not pursued formal certifications.

We offer seasonal tours, we do local farmers market, and offer programs, certification, and individual classes. We encourage agricultural students to consider an internship if they are passionate about this field. Our relevant web sites are www.gaiaherbalstudies.net and www.naturopathiccollegeofannarbor.net

Listing last updated on May 25, 2009

Herbs of Light Medicine Farm, an extension of Gaia School of Herbal Studies and Naturopathic College of Ann Arbor, is located in Washtenaw County, Michigan. We do farmers market weekly, offer a Medicine Share, internships, classes, programs, and give tours by arrangement.

Schedule and Location:

Fourth Avenue, at Kerrytown, Ann Arbor, Michigan

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