Heritage Breed Chicken Eggs/Ancona Duck Eggs

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Heritage Breed Chicken Eggs/Ancona Duck Eggs

Eggs just like they used to be. Pasture-Raised, Cage free, HAPPY and Fertilized Chicken Eggs and Rare Ancona Duck Eggs. Yum.

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 1 dz Duck Eggs $10.00  Qty:
 1 dz Chicken Eggs $6.00  Qty:
 half dozen Duck Eggs $5.00  Qty:
 half dozen Chicken Egg $3.00  Qty:

from: Nicasio Eggs

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$6 a dozen for Chicken Eggs

$10 a dozen for Ancona Duck Eggs

They all run with Roosters and Drakes, so most are fertilized. We have had an 80% hatch rate when we put a broody on them . Great for raising your own flock!

The Eggs taste incredible, with yolks standing straight up in the frying pan, and the duck eggs have so many wonderful uses. Bakers love them! They WILL BE the magic ingredient in your fluffy and light baked goods.

Once you've had them, you will taste the difference.

Raised on family-owned land in Nicasio, California. West Marin.

Thanks for supporting your local food sources!