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Our turkeys get a lot of exercise foraging for bugs, seeds and other natural foods. As a result their meat is firm and full of flavor! If you are looking for a natural, cage free, heritage turkey; this is the bird for you! We raise just a few turkeys each year and the ones we have are full grown about 28 weeks old and ready for your table. All of our birds are raised the old fashion way. We do not add antibiotics or hormones to their feed or water. They are raised with a gentle and humane hand from our five kids. They are given lots of space and allowed to engage in their natural behaviors with fresh air and sunshine.

Limited Supply!

"Doing It Natures Way"

NO Medications - NO Hormones - NO Steroids - NO Antibiotics - NO Additives -NO Animal-By-Products.

Know Your Farmer/Know Your Food!

Buy Fresh - Buy Local!

Preserve Old Fashioned Farming Traditions!

These are "melt-in-your-mouth" good! This is what turkey is supposed to taste like!

Please note that even if you order your turkey now, they will not be available for pickup until November 25-27, 2013. The sooner you order the better. $3.50 lb

When you come to get your turkeys, please be sure to bring a cooler and some ice to keep your meat properly chilled. We do not ship the turkeys.


Listing last updated on Apr 23, 2013

Fresh, Natural, Free Roam Heritage Breed Turkeys for Thanksgiving / Christmas. No chemicals, No hormones or anti-biotics! A wonderful flavor done the old fashion way!

Schedule and Location:

1787 Hodges Chapel Rd, Benson, NC 27504, Nov 25-27, 12:00 to 7:00.

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