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At Heritage Farms Northwest, we specialize in producing heritage breed animals for your table in a natural, humane manner. All our animals are raised with 24/7 access to large pastures and are fed a diet completely free from antibiotics.

Our main focus is the rare Red Wattle Hog, which is known for its exceptionally flavorful meat. Red Wattle Hogs produce meat that is marbled, succulent and full of flavor. Our Red Wattle Hogs are pastured year round and are also offered a balanced ration to meet their nutritional needs.

We also raise a small number of Narragansette Turkeys. These naturally raised heritage turkeys are allowed free access to all of the farm and forage naturally for the majority of their diet. Our cattle are 100% grass/hay fed and grass finished. Our butcher raves about the high quality and marbling of their meat, and our customers rave even more about the great beef they enjoy for dinner.

Meat is available as the animals are ready for butchering. Call and reserve your meat early because supply is limited and demand is high.


Listing last updated on May 2, 2013

Heritage Farms Northwest is a family run farm that specializes in naturally raised, pasture fed pork, beef and turkeys. Our primary focus is the very rare, very special Red Wattle Hog. Red Wattle Hogs are known for their outstandingly flavored meat that has won several taste tests performed by gourmet chefs. We also produce a small number of Narragansette Turkeys as well as the occasional 100% grass fed, grass finished beef steer. Reserve your meat early as demand is high and supply is limited.

Schedule and Location:

Independence Riverview Market - Independence, Oregon - Saturdays - 9 am - 2 pm.

Polk County Bounty Market - Dallas, Oregon - Thursdays - Acadamy Building lawn - 10 am - 3 pm

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