Heritage Free Range Turkey

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Heritage Free Range Turkey

100% All Natural, Free Range Turkeys. Humanely raised. No antibiotics, animal by-products or hormones used!

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Your Thanksgiving turkey will be available for pick up sometime Thanksgiving week. We have frozen turkeys until supply runs out.

We raise mainly Royal Palm breed of Heritage Turkeys. The breed dates to the 1920s. With the black and white color pattern, their appearance is striking. They are calm birds, prolific egg layers, and tend to go broody quickly. They are also solid sitters and do well raising poults. They also make fine table birds.

Mature Royal Palm toms weigh about 18 to 20 pounds; hens weigh 10 to 14 pounds. Our turkeys range from 8 pounds to 25 pounds. Their wings are not clipped; and the adults are outside 100% of the time, so that they have plenty of fresh air and sunshine for healthier turkeys.

Heritage turkeys have a finer and a more dense meat. Dark meat is actually reddish to maroon in color. The white meat is very tender and juicy. The skin is thicker with a good chew. They have a superior depth of flavor in both white and dark meat and are not inserted with a brine solution to give them extra flavor.

In contrast to Heritage turkeys, the hybrids one normally buys such as the large whites and bronze of today are never raised to maturity and never have a chance to range. Hence the meat texture can tend to be very soft or even mushy, but the breast meat is usually so dry that most processing plants add a brine solution to give it a little more taste.

Our animals are raised gently and with the highest quality feed products. No growth hormones or chemicals are ever used. The turkeys are free range, they have access to sleeping in the barn (door is always open) but they prefer to "camp out" in the trees or on logs.

Free Range Heritage Turkey $7.99/lb. Also available free range brown chicken eggs. $3/dozen. Free range geese. $8/lb. Lamb, sheep, and goat- live or in the freezer. Live $3/lb.

Free Range Heritage Turkeys - Limited Supply