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We pasture raise registered Red Wattle hogs. The Red Wattle Hog is listed as critically endangered by the American Livestock Breeds Conservancy. We are a small family farm that offers feeders, breeding stock, whole or half hogs and pork by the cut. Our pigs are allowed acres of pasture to roam and be pigs. They are raised without injections or any medicated feed. We keep them on good pasture and carefully select the grain we feed them. They have access to Oak forests and are finished on acorns. Our pigs are completely intact, we don't cut teeth, tails or ring the hogs noses. The Red Wattle breed is very docile and produces a superior quality of meat.

We also have Silver Fox rabbits and are currently breeding them for our own consumption, If you are interested please contact us. The Silver Fox is a heritage breed that is listed by the ALBC as "critically endangered."

We will also have eggs if you come to the farm to pick up your pork.

We are also proud to announce we have a family cow now. Our American Milking Shorthorn is producing 5-6 gallons a day on good pasture. We have raw milk available. Minnesota law state you have to pick it up at the farm and bring your own container. Nothing goes to waste on the homestead the pigs and chickens get any extras. By appointment only.

This year we are starting bees and Garlic. If you are interested in local honey or garlic we can put you in contact with a local grower/bee keeper.


Listing last updated on May 8, 2012

We raise our pigs naturally and on pasture. We are 45 Minutes from St. Cloud and 60 minutes from the Twin Cities. We are a small family farm that enjoys raising Red Wattles and eating pork so good it doesn't need to be smothered in flavor. There is only one way to know how delicious a Red Wattle pork chop is; don't take my word for it! Reserve yours today.

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