Heritage Pastures

Heritage Pastures Our name sums up our philosophy; our Heritage breed chickens, Ducks, Geese, pigs and cows spend their days grazing on our green pastures. Our farming methods are organic, humane and sustainable.

Why Heritage Breeds? We raise Heritage breed animals because they are so beautiful and hardy and are best suited to pasture raising compared to their commercial hybrid cousins.

Delicious and nutritious! Our meat and eggs are nutritious and flavorful and will satisfy the discerning nutritionist and Foodie!

Pastured Poultry Our Heritage Breed Laying Hens and Broiler chickens are raised out on pasture and are fed locally grown, certified organic grains. We raise gourmet chickens called Label Rouge chickens. Customers say they are the best they had ever tasted! Also try a Stew Hen for a pot of the best chicken soup you have ever tasted!

Pastured eggs are better! Our pastured eggs have bright orange yolks and are packed with vitamins and minerals because our Layers range on pasture.


Listing last updated on Nov 17, 2013

Gourmet Chickens are here! Flavorful, juicy and nutritious. Better than your normal pastured bird!

Schedule and Location:

Vestal Farmers' Market
434 in Vestal, in front of the Vestal Library
Saturdays 9-1pm

Schedule and Location:

On Farm Sales by appointment. Most days and times convenient.

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We have been blessed to get our heritage free-range turkey from Heritage Pastures for two years now. We've bought many dozens of eggs from Laura and Ben , the owners, and just enjoyed our first boiler chicken from them, which was divine and so juicy! The eggs are not only delicious, but gorgeous, too: speckled and of many different colors, with yolks that are often a very deep orange and are full of flavor.... [more]

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