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Most Americans know that the turkey is a native game bird, and that most would have thought it would have been a better national symbol than the bald eagle. In the wild, turkeys are fast runners and a difficult prize for hunters. Turkeys have remained spirited, spending their lives outdoors, exploring, climbing trees and socializing.

Whereas conventional supermarket turkeys can be tasteless and dry, heritage birds raised outdoors are juicy and succulent and taste the way a turkey is supposed to taste. Did You Know? Heritage Turkeys develop a thin layer of fat under the skin, (between 6-7 months of age) which actually makes them self basting.

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We have been raising various Heritage Turkeys for over 14 years. We maintain our own breeders. They are treated as you would a pet, allowed to roam as much as possible, but yes their time does come. We are not certified organic, but follow all practices.

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I'm in full support of raising turkeys humanely, feeding them properly and allowing them to interact in a way that meets their social needs. Stating you use no hormones is misleading: IT IS ILLEGAL TO USE HORMONES IN POULTRY .... [more]

First, it is not an easy decision for a family farmer to price their food at what appears to some as being unaffordable. A family farmer teeters between the need for repeat customers and ensuring they can continue to do all the work for other families while remaining capable of feeding their own from the land and beast, as well as the profit from hard, back-breaking, and sometimes hearbreaking work.... [more]

This turkey was worth the high price for our family's Thanksgiving meal. We baked a 17 lb bird and it served up 7 hungry adults and we still had plenty of left-overs.... [more]

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