Hesperides Organica

Hesperides are nymphs who tend a blissful garden in a far western corner of the world. We tend one hundred blissful acres of Black Dirt in the far western corner of Orange County, New York, near Mt. Adam and Eve.

We practice organic and sustainable agriculture with the intention of minimizing the use of fossil fuels and any outside inputs. Our focus is to promote locally grown, nutrient-dense vegetables and herbs on small family farms. Soil fertility is maintained through the use of crop rotation, fallow fields, compost tea, cover crops and a fertilizer program based on Bio dynamics. We grow a variety of vegetables and herbs. We offer a limited number of shares. We only grow vegetables for our CSA members. We do not sell at any farmer's markets, to any restaurants or any wholesale. Our members get the best (and everything) that we grow!

Our Farm is Your Farm

We also offer several opportunities for members and their families to visit the farm and "pick-your-own" vegetables, such as sugar snap peas, sweet corn, green beans and a wide variety of herbs!


Listing last updated on Jan 25, 2015

The "Black Dirt" takes its name from the dark, extremely fertile soil left over from an ancient glacial lake bottom. The Black Dirt is like a big bowl of compost! This is some of the richest farmland in the United States. And to think, this was almost the site for a new international airport! What were they thinking?

Season:  June through November

Type:  multiple farm

Since:  2007

# of Shares:  400

Full Share:  24 weeks: $30/week Hawthorne $32/week other locations

Work Req?  No

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Lisa, Jacob and Lauren do a great job, not only is it a CSA but a store where CSA members can purchase local products, eggs, cheese,meat, honey, baked goods, too many items to list.... [more]

I was very happy to find not only an organic farm in a CSA but a veganic one as well. Produce has been awesome!!!!

Definately will be jioning up again next season:)

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