HHH Farm's /King's HHH Dairy Goats

Hanford, California
Family Farm

HHH Farm's /King's HHH Dairy Goats

TURKEY DEPOSITS FOR THANKSGIVING AND CHRISTMAS HERE NOW DUE BY AUG 1ST, Price $50.00 For Med and Large only small sold out. Price per lb is $5.50 all natural, no antibiotics, no hormones, Not fed SOY so NO SOY WHAT SO EVER.

FIRST TIME EVER THANKSGIVING AND CHRISTMAS GOOSE DEPOSITS ARE HERE NOW DUE BY AUG 1ST, Price $20.00 For Med and Large. Price per lb is $4.00 lb for all natural, no antibiotics, no hormones, Not fed any SOY NO SOY WHAT SO EVER.

Price for deposit after Aug 1st is on a first come first served basis. Then the price per lb will go up to $6.00lb for turkey and $4.50 lb. Turkey price per lb will go up each month deposit is not made by $0.50 and Goose will go up each month there after at $0.25 a month till NOV. When we run out we run out. I am only doing a limited amount this year due to me having surgery on my shoulder this summer.

We NOW have Raw Goat milk through our Dairy Goat Herd Share Program. We have started taking contracts to be on the herd share program. For more info please contact us and let us know.

CHICKEN EGGS HERE NOW $5.00 a doz SOLD OUT TILL FURTHER NOTICE . Hatching eggs email for info and breeds.

CUCKOO MARANS HATCHING EGGS $45.00 a doz We are currently taking waiting lists for Kelly Cratty Line feather leg Cuckoo Marans price will be $45.00 a doz. there can be more then one doz sold at a time.


We now have jumbo Coturnix Quail hatching eggs. Price per 25 is 10.00 plus shipping. These great Quail are bigger and dress out much fuller in the breast then reg quail. We also have quail chicks for sale. Price now is 1.50 each and at laying or eating age they are 3.00 each. These also lay a nice big egg for eating. Try having a fried quail egg on top of a caramelized scallop YUMMY.

BELLA JUICE HERE NOW> Quart sizes Organic Grape juice $3.50 qt. And the 12 oz size is $1.75 a bottle discounts for large orders. This is a certified organic grape juice. Check out http://www.bellajuice.com for more info on this wonderful local juice product. It is made locally to the central valley and is local,

We are a small farm situated near the heart of the Central Valley in Hanford Ca. We raise farm fresh Brown and Chocolate colored chicken eggs and home grown chickens and turkeys for sale. We also have duck, turkey, Quail eggs in the spring and summer for eating and hatching. As well as live quail for eating. We sale hatching eggs for various other breeds.

We grow heirloom veggies and tomatoes in the late spring into fall. We have home raise honey from our bees. I am unable to obtain organic status because of all of the other farms around me. But I do farm all natural. I usually put out about 60 thousand ladybugs through out the year. We will have turkeys available for thanksgiving and Christmas. And Muscovy duck for roast Duck for Thanksgiving and Christmas.

We also have a few Recorded Grade Dairy Goats for sale. Both are Does and are Nubian Breeds. They are registered with the American Dairy goat Association. They are early May kids and are de horned and have been shown. Can be sold with a breeding for extra money or can be sold open and you take care of breeding. Contact us for more info.

If you live in the city and can not grow your Favorite veggie contact us. We will plant it if we can find the seeds and grow it organically. For a small fee you will get so much of the harvest during its production period. Make those requests now as we are planting now. Talk to us about renting a Bee Hive for your garden or renting a small raised bed for planting. You take care of the raised bed for a fee and you get the goodies grown in the bed. Or you can work out your rental fee at the farm by helping us take care of the other plants.


Listing last updated on May 27, 2010


Dairy Goat Herd Share, Buy into the herd Get your Raw Goats Milk. CHICKEN EGGS HERE $5.00 a doz SOLD OUT TILL FURTHER NOTICE Cuckoo Marans Hatching eggs $45.00 +ship JUMBO COTURNIX QUAIL EGGS $1.50 doz Hatching $10.00 per 25 +ship Farm Fresh Chicken, Quail, eating EGGS Chicken and Quail hatching eggs. Heirloom veggies and tomatoes MEAT GOATS AND DAIRY GOATS FOR SALE. DAIRY GOAT AI SERVICES

Schedule and Location:

8am -6pm
Sun-Sat and most Holidays
6779 16th Cross of Flint Ave
Hanford CA
Call ahead before coming out to make sure we are home. And to place orders. We can deliver to Fresno Area near River Park when we are going to Town.

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