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Our Purpose To provide healthy local produce to our friends, neighbors and surrounding community.

History of the Farm The Hibner farm in Clay Township, Auglaize County, Ohio was settled in 1858 by my great grandfather. My grandfather and father were both born, lived and worked on the farm their entire lives.

I was reared on the farm but couldn't wait to be gone! However, as time went by, it became clear to me that I left the best behind me. I made the decision that at some point I would return to the dairy farm but do a different kind of farming: fruits, vegetables and flowers.

After much too long I was finally able to move back in March 2012. I was finally HOME in every sense of the word. I formed Hibner Family Farm LLC and began a new life.

The Gardens A small orchard was planted in the spring of 2012-- five kinds of apples including one I remember when growing up -- Yellow Transparent (my mother made the best applesauce from it) and the Spitzenberg which is an heirloom variety and is rumored to have been Thomas Jefferson's favorite. I also planted Lady Apples, Fuji. I was amazed when the Yellow Transparent and Lady Apples had a small selection of nice fruit the very first year I also planted apricots, peaches, sour cherries and nectarines. The winter of 2014 froze all the buds so the trees are running behind. Other tress will be planted in the spring of 2016. As with anything in nature, the garden is a constantly revolving, renourishing organism.

I will be revamping my garden this spring as the major back surgery I had recently requires that I bend less so I will be making waist/chest high raised beds. I tried using straw bales without supports but the 2014 winter and summer increased the decomposition. Therefore I have lost of great straw compost for the new beds. For those plants which are grown directly in the soil, I use cardboard and straw around the plants to keep weeds down. 4-ft wide strips are separated by 4-ft wide plantings of clover and other cover crops to improve the soil. After a few years the strips used for growing produce will be planted with a cover crop. The strips currently in cover crops will be turned over for growing produce. This also saves on water as this type of planting holds the moisture. Over winter, in the main garden, I use green manures such as annual rye, mixes with radishes grown for animal feed, and field peas.

In the garden, I choose a variety of vegetables -- mostly heirloom and long used hybrids.

Additionally, I am planting flowers in the garden interspersed with the vegetables to draw the pollinators and assist with keeping insects in check. Of course, the glory of flowers makes everyone feel better. The herb garden is greatly expending. This year, 2015,I will have almost every kind of mint there is including chocolate. In addition to the usual culinary herbs, I grew Borage, Pineapple Sage and a few other unusual ones last year.

Additionally I accept Agency on the Agency Area 3 coupons for low income elderly.


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I believe strongly in crop rotation. This method was used with field crops since the 1950's and probably before. Along with crop rotation, I use organic soil amendments, i.e., compost, various kinds of composted manure, and aged straw. This constantly changes the environment for the unwanted insects. I want to welcome beneficials. I use row covers to keep bad insects away from the produce. However, when the produce flowers I must uncover to allow for pollination.

Season:  June through November

Type:  single farm

Since:  2013

# of Shares:  25

Full Share:  $470 if paid by April 15. $550 if paid after that. Monthly $110 paid the first of each month; weekly: $25 every week with a 10-wk minimum -- with the economy the way it is, I am offering a work option instead of cash. Contact me about that.

1/2 Share:  $290/yr if paid by April 15, 2014 or $330 if paid after; $66/mo or $15 week for minimum of 10 weeks -- with the economy the way it is, I am offering a work option instead of cash. Contact me about that.

Work Req?  No

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