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Hickory Lick Goat Farm is especially concerned with the health of our environment, our animals, our family and yours. In order to ensure our collective health we have dedicated ourselves to intelligent stewardship of the land and animals in our care. The land our animals browse has been allowed to grow at will since it was left fallow prior to our ownership which began more than a decade ago. More and more species of wildlife, insects and vegetation are returning every year. We use no herbicides or insecticides in our pasture.

Our small goat herd forages every day over three acres of natural grasses. This free ranging is very unlike a commercial feedlot which feeds large quantities of grain, doesn't provide adequate space for exercise, and concentrates parasites and waste.

With the great size of the meat goat breeds, we feel that some grain supplementation is required for full nutrition. We provide feeds with a maximum number of different grains and supplement with trace minerals balanced to provide our goats with the optimum health as evidenced by their shiny coats and maintenance of healthful condition.

We feel that our animals must be treated humanely and will provide the medical care necessary. The occasional goat that might require an antibiotic will not be available as purchase for meat. Growth hormones will never be used on our farm.

We feel the end result of our stewardship is delicious and we hope you find it to be as well.


Listing last updated on Sep 15, 2009

Goat meat is described by some to taste like beef, lamb, or venison. We find that it tastes almost exactly like beef and can be used as a substitute for beef in any dish. Unlike venison, we find that goat does not have a gamey flavor. Furthermore, unlike beef, goat does not have any marbling of fat in the muscle tissue. The meat is therefore much leaner. In fact goat meat is lower in saturated fats, cholesterol, and calories than even chicken - reason enough to choose goat.

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