We are a game farm for pheasants, quail, we have chickens for eggs and meat, also ducks for eggs and meat. We are growing monthly.

IF YOU ARE ALLERGIC TO HENS EGGS WE CAN HELP Try quail eggs a little smaller but very good for you!! or our fresh Duck eggs big and wholesome.

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We cater for customers in Ann Arbor and Pitsfield township as wel as Yps.please call we can do some local deliveries

Schedule and Location:

as many local markets as we can

We do suply Ann Arbor stores and restaurants with birds, eggs and produce

Hens Eggs
Great eggs from free range chickens - they are in the field all day.


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Eggs eggs eggs...These eggs are amazing. They are incredible. eggs eggs eggs

Shag Bark Hickory Syrup. I had never heard of hickory syrup, but I guess you can make syrup out of almost anything. This syrup is lighter than maple syrup and has a bit of a smoky flavor to it.... [more]

They actually let me and my daughter go back and interact with the chickens and Ducks. It was great fun. I asked tons of questions about the feed and the way they are raised.... [more]

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