Hicks Organic Dairy

Lease a cow for $57.00 a year with us and you can obtain raw dairy from us. Seven delivery location through out Southern Michigan. We also offer other local organic foods from other farmers.

Listing last updated on Dec 11, 2009

Delivering your farm fresh dairy anf food we currentl have seven locations: Royal Oak, St.Clair Shores, Chesterfield, Ann arbor, Brighton, Livoinia and Clarkston. We offer raw dairy, meat, flours eggs, syrup and honey. Own a cow lease with us to obtain raw dairy products.

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Starting June 2012, Kevin Hicks is making deliveries personally to ensure the highest customer service to his loyal customers. I agree the milk is outstanding, but the rude emails and customer service from the delivery person were subpar.... [more]

I love Hicks Organic! I have never had a problem with them. There are a few rules that are explained before you sign a lease and are clearly put on the website.... [more]

This dairy is okay and the milk is fair, but the person you have to deal with to place orders and handle deliveries is a very course, unkind person. She reminds me of Seinfeld's soup Nazi.... [more]

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